How to Treat a Cold While Pregnant

Along with the holiday season comes the cold and flu season. Normally this isn’t a big deal because you are able to load up on vitamins and supplements that help your immune system fight off whatever it is that your little cousin has passed along to just about everyone. If you do get sick, a quick z-pak of antibiotics will have you feeling like you in no time. However, when you are pregnant, just about all of this goes out the window and if you are being very careful about what you put into your body, knowing that everything you do has some impact on your little one, you have to find some natural remedies for your cold. Being pregnant comes along with enough discomfort. Throwing a cold on top of it makes it feel as if the world is going to end. So here is how to treat a cold while pregnant, the natural way.

Bone Broth

One of the most important things to do when you have a cold is to drink plenty of fluids. You’ve heard this from doctors and probably even your mom. One of the best liquids you can have if you have a cold while pregnant is bone broth. That’s because bone broths are nutrient-dense, easy to digest, and they boost healing due to the positive impacts they have on your immune system, making them a great way to treat a cold while pregnant. Bone broth is full of healing compounds that your body needs to fight off sickness. These compounds include things like collagen, proline, glycine, and glutamine. Another added benefit is that most organic, grass-fed bone broths are also great sources of protein, which is essential during pregnancy. There are plenty of broths out there, but you want to make sure your broth is coming from a great store and isn’t being produced with man-made ingredients. Aim for Kettle Fire Bone Broth or Epic Bone Broths. Both are a great choice and have sustainable, clean ingredients.

Neti Pot
Neti pots are another great way to treat a cold while pregnant. A neti pot is used for nasal irrigation a.k.a flushing out your nasal cavity. A neti pot allows you to do just that quickly and efficiently with a solution of purified water and salt. Yes, that’s right — just two simple ingredients making it safe for use while pregnant. If there is any mucus or allergens clogging up and irritating your nose then a neti pot may be just what the doctor ordered. In fact, many doctors recommend using a neti pot for general nasal congestion as well as colds, allergies and sinus infections, and your doctor should have no problem with you using it while pregnant. As always, just check with your doctor to be safe.

Nasal Strips
Nasal strips are another way to combat congestion and treat a cold while pregnant. It’s already hard enough to breathe with a baby mashing up all your insides, but when you have a cold and become congested, it may feel like the world is going to end. Nasal strips help ease this discomfort. They open up your nasal passages, making it a little easier to breathe. Best of all they are dug free and rely on their design to do all the hard work. Grab a box.

Last but not least, if you have a cold while pregnant, invest in a good cool mist humidifier. Humidifiers help you breathe easier. The common cold and flu symptoms such as a runny nose, sinus congestion, coughing, and a sore throat often make breathing feel like work. This intensifies when you are pregnant. Humidifiers help moisturize your nasal, throat, and lung passages, making it easier for air to pass through. Along with providing soothing moisture that eases your airways, humidifiers make you feel more comfortable in your indoor environment. This can help you to get the rest you need to fight off the sickness faster and get you and baby back to your normal routine. Grabbing a humidifier is a drug-free, natural way to treat a cold while pregnant.

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