Never Miss a Meal with Six Pack Bags

We are absolutely in love with health, food, and fitness, but we are as equally in love with travel. It is nothing for us to jump in the car for a quick road trip or hop on a plane for a weekend getaway. With us being away from home and with so many of our friend’s and family getting married, having babies, and celebrations we don’t want to miss it seems that we are on the road almost every other week. We could use our busy travel schedule as a built-in excuse to eat bad food but thanks to the folks over at Six Pack Bags we don’t have to.

Six Pack Bags are a must for those of us living the “fit foodie” lifestyle, especially as Summer is officially here and the busy summer travel season is just really beginning. Six Pack Bags by 6 Pack Fitness™ are meal management travel gear for people who are serious about the fit lifestyle. serious athletes. These bags combine style, functionality, and innovation for a travel solution that is perfect for those who live and breathe fitness. Their products are designed to keep every level of athlete organized and prepared so they can focus on training hard, eating right, and traveling fit.

We love the Six Pack Bags because they allow us to get our gear, meals, and sport nutrition products from point A to point B and back again. Their bags keep us organized and help us stay on target with our fitness and nutritional goals, no matter where our day takes us. With a trip to Palm Beach and a stay at the beautiful Tideline Ocean Resort and Spa coming up next month, it’s almost time to get our bags and our meals packed, and Six Pack Bags make that an easy task.

There are bags designed to fit every need. While we are fans of every bag, here are the two that match our personality and are perfect for who we are.

Him: The “Beast” Duffle Bag

Six pack bagsIt’s almost as if they Made this bag for “Him”. The “Beast” is a no-nonsense meal prep duffle bag designed to fit your entire ‘A’ game. This bag holds up to 5 meals, features an extra large main compartment as well as dedicated shoe compartment which is perfect for storing your gym shoes and not take us space in the main compartment for shoes you need for when you aren’t killing it in the gym. There are also two insulated water bottle/protein shaker pockets. It comes with 2  small freezer packs, 1 large freezer pack, 5-20 oz. containers that won’t leak, and a divided supplement container perfect for vitamins and other supplements you may take.

Her: The “Renee” Meal Management Tote Bag

Six pack bags
If the beast was made for him, then the Renee was definitely made for her. The Renee is a sleek meal prep tote designed for the professional woman who won’t sacrifice style or nutrition when it comes to long weekends. This carry-on, airport friendly bag holds 4 meals, features a large main compartment with a dedicated laptop slot, and organizational pockets for all your accessories. It comes with 4-20 oz. containers that won’t leak, 2 small freezer packs, 1 large freezer pack, and a compact supplement/vitamin container.  Most importantly, the vegan leather is easy to clean and the 4 base studs keep your bag from ever having to touch the floor (“Her” hates it when her bag touches the floor).

If you love travel as much as you love fitness and nutrition, then these are a must have. Get yours today.

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