We’re Expecting Our First Baby

You may have already heard, but if not, we’re excited to announce that our little company is growing by two feet. Yes, we are expecting our first baby and we could not be happier! When we first started this blog, we understood that meant sacrificing some of our privacy to be able to help others have a healthier relationship with food. Our goal was to show the “fit foodie” lifestyle and have our readers understand that you could still enjoy food while also learning things like how your body reacts to certain foods, why certain ingredients are better than others, and why we feel you should exclude or include certain things in our diets. The feedback we have been getting from friends and families definitely push us to keep going because we now see that there is value in our words and that people are truly starting to think about their diet and the foods that they are eating. We love the fact that people are trying new exercises, new restaurants, or new products because of our recommendations.

With that in mind, pregnancy and the journey towards our first baby is certainly something that we want to share. This journey is filled with ups and downs and tons of questions. Can you workout? Is it safe to lay on your back? What should I/shouldn’t I eat while pregnant? What are the must-have items for new parents expecting their first baby? The list can go on and on. Being that you all have relied on us so much in the past and leaned on us for advice, we want to share our journey with those of you who may be going through or planning to go on this journey soon.

our first babySo as we continue to get ready for our first baby, we will do our best to share with your things that we find out along this journey. In order to do so, we are launching Him Her and a Fork: Baby. This category will have product reviews, pregnancy-friendly workouts, recipes for moms to be, and more to help answer any baby or pregnancy questions you might have. We will share the good. We will share the bad. The ups and the downs. Basically everything we feel that you will benefit from. If you don’t hear from us as often, just know that pregnancy fatigue is real, and “her” being tired means “him” has to do a bunch more stuff around the house to ensure “her and “baby” are ok.

Now, with that said. Our first recommendation to anyone who may be pregnant or planning to get pregnant comes in the form of two books. One, is commonly referred to as the pregnancy bible, better known as “What to Expect When You’re Expecting“. This book is the longest-running New York Times bestseller ever and with 18.5 million copies in print, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” is read by 93% of women who read a pregnancy book. It is also one of the “Most Influential Books of the Last 25 Years” according to USA Today. We love it because almost every question we have had so far has been addressed in this book. The second is for the dad’s because contrary to popular belief, you’re expecting too. That’s why we also highly recommend “The Expectant Father“. This book helps dads to be with all questions you may have. It helps you know what is going on with you, the baby, and the mom to be. Definitely, grab this so you can be the best sidekick your partner could have.

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